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How to improve steel fiber


The main function of steel fiber expansion joint is smooth surface weak adhesion, so as to produce concrete with a certain scale. Low carbon steel fiber can be used for steel fiber reinforced concrete at room temperature, while stainless steel fiber must be used for fire-resistant steel fiber reinforced concrete. Adding proper amount of steel fiber into mortar concrete can improve its tensile strength, bending strength, toughness impact strength. The properties of steel fiber produced by different manufacturing methods of steel fiber manufacturers are also different. Although steel fiber came out soon, it has been used more more widely. So, in order to live forever, you have to go beyond your own size. Because in the case of rapid cooling in the air, the surface of the extension joint of the end hook steel fiber shrinks unevenly becomes rough, the cross section shrinks into a crescent shape, which increases the contact area of the matrix. The surface roughness of steel fiber produced by melt extraction method will achieve the purpose of expansion joint. In the process of using end hook steel fiber as expansion joint material, stirring is a very close link, which determines the physical chemical properties of the final expansion joint. Under the condition that the expansion joint is the same, there are two kinds of mixing methods using steel fiber machine without external technology. In general, expansion joints, steel fibers concrete are completely mixed together. Steel belt manufacturer

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With the wide application of steel fiber in expansion joints, the development of new concrete technology helps to save resources, protect the environment, gradually become a part of high-quality concrete. Due to the expansion joint, steel fiber can effectively improve the tensile, shear, crack resistance other properties, has good corrosion resistance.


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