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How to improve the economic growth trend of steel fiber


Steel fiber silicon is a kind of composite material mixed with proper amount of steel fiber in common silicon. In order to make the steel fiber evenly dispersed in mortar concrete increase the length diameter ratio of the fiber, the steel fiber bonded by water-soluble adhesive can be used to form a bundle. Steel fiber can be made by cutting cold drawn steel wire, cutting thin steel plate, milling steel block ingot, drawing molten steel. Low carbon steel fiber can be used for steel fiber reinforced concrete at room temperature, while stainless steel fiber must be used for fire-resistant steel fiber reinforced concrete. Adding proper amount of steel fiber into mortar concrete can improve its tensile strength, bending strength, toughness impact strength. It can only improve the low tensile strength of silicon, but also improve the shear strength, crack resistance durability of silicon components, which can make brittle silicon have better ductility. In addition, due to the good energy absorption ability of steel fiber silicon fiber, the components have excellent impact resistance, which greatly improves the seismic performance of the structure. Steel belt manufacturer

How much is the blue ribbon

The addition of steel fiber reinforced concrete can effectively prevent the expansion of micro cracks the formation of macro cracks, significantly improve the tensile, bending, impact fatigue properties of concrete. Adding waterproof agent into steel fiber concrete has the advantages of moisture-proof, crack resistance, wear resistance, etc., which plays a good role in basement civil air defense engineering. It can also be used for underground water pump waterproof, etc.. Concrete is a new type of multiphase composite material formed by adding randomly distributed short fibers into ordinary concrete. The tensile, bending, impact fatigue resistance of concrete are significantly improved It is wi


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