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Anshan Fuwang steel strip manufacturing Co., Ltd

Contact person: General Manager Gu

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Address: Shiqiao village, Tengao Town, Haicheng City, Anshan City, Liaoning Province

Anshan Fuwang steel belt manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Anshan, the capital of China steel. Anshan has abundant iron ore resources, the proved iron ore reserves account for about one fourth of the national reserves. There are abundant magnesite, limestone, clay, manganese other rare auxiliary materials for black metallurgy.

Fuwang steel belt is located in the south of Anshan, established in 2010, covering an area of about 11000 square meters. It has a modern production workshop of 2000.900 square meters, a production product warehouse of 500 square meters, a leisure area for employees such as office green park. It mainly produces: steel fiber, blue strip, galvanized strip, annealed strip, plastic steel belt, packing buckle, iron corner protection other packaging materials. The annual output of the enterprise is over 2000 tons. It has been exported to Japan, South Korea, the United States, France, Russia other countries.

Quality is the cornerstone of the development of enterprises, customers are our parents. It is our basic mission to provide the products services we need to our customers. It is our sacred duty to provide the products with excellent quality to our customers.

As the eyes of Fuwang people care for the reputation of the enterprise, they insist on honesty as the basis, regard the partners as an important part of the enterprise value chain, benefit the partners through the honest management, realize the common value-added of Fuwang value partner value.

With "steady development, quality win, credit win-win" as our strategic thought, Fuwang steel belt can still stand steady in the current situation of overcapacity. In the era of talent economy, Fuwang steel strip employs MBI professionals, establishes Market Research development group, sales planning group, new product R & D department. Fuwang people are all in one mind help each other. We will quickly build up the brand of Fuwang steel belt. The company plans to transform the planting area into a large modern production workshop in 2019, introduce new type of high-precision large-scale production line such as full automatic six continuous rolling production line. Although we have no luxurious office buildings high-profile corporate image, in the hearts of every Fuwang people, it is our home, our partners are accompanied relied on each other like brothers sisters, which makes us full of confidence in the future of the family. I believe that you will feel the warm corporate atmosphere!


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