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How to improve the efficiency of product development in steel fiber industry


Steel fiber reinforced concrete plays a very important role in urban construction, its unique advantages have been recognized by people. In order to make the steel fiber evenly dispersed in mortar concrete increase the length diameter ratio of the fiber, the steel fiber bonded by water-soluble adhesive can be used to form a bundle. Steel fiber can be made by cutting cold drawn steel wire, cutting thin steel plate, milling steel block ingot, drawing molten steel. Steel fiber is a kind of fiber whose diameter ratio (the ratio of fiber length to diameter, when the fiber section is non-circular, the diameter of equivalent section circle area) is 40-80, which is produced by cutting thin steel wire, shearing cold rolled strip, milling ingot rapid condensation of molten steel. Subgrade must have strong compressive strength, fiber has this characteristic, so it has been widely used in door pavement. Fiber concrete dry mix repair material has the characteristics of good construction performance, no water seepage, fast maintenance, super early strength, no cracking stable performance in the repair process of large area bridge deck. It effectively overcomes the shortcomings of traditional emergency repair material, such as slow maintenance speed, long maintenance time after repair, easy cracking in the construction process, ensuring the quality of repair project timely opening to traffic. As a new type of high-efficiency urban road repair material, steel fiber has broad market prospects. The wide application of steel fiber has exceeded people's expectations, the role of the construction industry is also very huge, which directly promotes the development of construction technology economy. The products have high shear strength, bending strength tensile strength, low shrinkage rate, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of cracks, are easy to be evenly distributed in the concrete by mixing, without exposure agglomeration. It can effectively save the use of concrete, instead of ordinary steel, plays a considerable role in our life. Steel belt manufacturer

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