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The application of steel fiber has exceeded people's expectation, has played a great role in the construction industry, which directly promotes the upgrading of construction technology the development of economy. Steel fiber is a kind of fiber whose diameter ratio (the ratio of fiber length to diameter, when the fiber section is non-circular, the diameter of equivalent section circle area) is 40-80, which is produced by cutting thin steel wire, shearing cold rolled strip, milling ingot rapid condensation of molten steel. Low carbon steel fiber can be used for steel fiber reinforced concrete at room temperature, while stainless steel fiber must be used for fire-resistant steel fiber reinforced concrete. Adding proper amount of steel fiber into mortar concrete can improve its tensile strength, bending strength, toughness impact strength. The product has high shear resistance, bending resistance tensile properties, has very low shrinkage rate, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of cracks good ease. It can be evenly distributed in concrete by mixing, it is exposed agglomerated, can effectively save the use of concrete, can replace ordinary steel bars, which plays a significant role in our lives. The main properties of steel fiber include tensile strength bond strength. The results show that the tensile strength of steel fiber reinforced concrete can meet the requirements of use, because the damage of steel fiber reinforced concrete is mainly caused by the pulling out of steel fiber rather than the fracture of steel fiber. The bond strength of fiber reinforced concrete matrix is the main factor that affects the performance of fiber reinforced concrete. The bond strength is related to the shape section of steel fiber. The short fiber distributed randomly in fiber reinforced concrete mainly hinders the development of micro cracks macro cracks. Steel belt manufacturer

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