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Whats the advantage of flexible packing steel strip compared with popular packing steel strip?


Nowadays, the most important product used for packaging is packaging steel strip. In the past, packaging was just a simple list with rope. Now, with the continuous progress of packaging requirements the need of long-distance transportation, many manufacturers will purchase a large number of packaging steel strip for a long time. In Linyi Hongfa packing steel belt factory, we can produce all kinds of products, such as hand packing steel belt, color belt, special-shaped belt, plastic steel belt, iron sheet packing steel belt so on. Now we also produce flexible packing steel belt. As a new material, many customers don't understand this very well. Today, we will explain flexible packing steel belt popular packing steel belt in detail The difference between them. Steel belt manufacturer

1: Earthquake resistance

A good packaging steel belt should ensure that the goods have excellent shock resistance in the long-distance transportation, so it is necessary to absorb the shock in the cargo transportation. Polyester fiber flexible packaging steel belt can absorb the vibration in transportation, can recover the memory tension under the premise of continuous cracking. It can absorb more impact energy than steel packaging steel belt, its firmness is comparable to steel belt, can bear the tension of 0.5-2.6 tons.

What's the advantage of flexible packing steel strip compared with popular packing steel strip?

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2: Security

Good packaging steel belt to ensure the safety of the packaging process, the best is light soft, easy to operate. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the appearance of the packaged goods will be polluted, that the appearance of the goods can be cherished scratch. Polyester fiber packing steel belt has light weight low price, which is lighter softer than the steel belt of the same length. It won't scratch hands, it doesn't need professional cutter when cutting. No matter how tight it is, it won't hurt people when cutting.

3: Low cost

In the process of goods transportation, the transportation cost is also a problem that we must consider, so we have to choose the most suitable packaging steel belt for ourselves the most suitable cost. In addition, the packaging tools used in the packaging process should also be considered. It is better to use them simply repeatedly. Polyester fiber packaging steel belt is a very cost-effective choice, packaging tools only need a simple tool, wear is very small, low maintenance costs, in addition, the packaging buckle can also be reused.

4: Obedience is high

In the process of packing goods, we need to consider the problem of obedience, how to ensure that the goods packing is fast, simple useful is particularly important. The use of polyester fiber packing steel strip only needs a tension device, which can be operated by a single person without power supply, compressed air packing clamp. It is easy fast to use dismantle. In addition, it has high crossing folding performance, is highly compliant.


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