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what! Packing steel belt also with thorns, which can scare a large number of customers!


As we all know, the packing steel belt is used to pack the goods. It is necessary to fix the goods to prevent the goods scattering. It is necessary to manually pack the goods with the packing steel belt. If there is a thorn on the packing steel belt, it is easy to scratch our hands, which is very harmful. Therefore, customers will carefully ask whether there is burr when they buy the goods, if there is any burr What should I do? In the process of using the packed steel strip, one of the problems that is easy to appear is the burr. Then, what causes the appearance of this sign? I think many of my friends are very concerned about this topic. Let's explain the reason in detail! Manufacturer of galvanized steel strip

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1. It may be that during the stretching process, due to other factors, the tensile resistance will be caused, which leads to burr sign. At this time, we need to adjust the tensile strength. The manufacturer should understand the reason clearly in order to make timely adjustment during production.

2. It may be that the oven is too hot. The oven temperature should be adjusted properly at this time. During the process of processing, the drawing temperature is too low, the burr sign is easy to appear, which makes the appearance smooth. Therefore, the temperature of the packing steel strip should be adjusted.

3. The melting point of the packed steel strip is 255 ℃ ~260 ℃, which can keep invariability between - 110 ℃ 120 ℃ for a long time, has excellent dimensional stability. Pet belt can be suitable for various weather changes due to material manufacturing process factors. It is like the steel strip is wet rusty, polluting the environment losing tensile property, which makes the bundling strength decrease.

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