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Operation of iron sheet packing belt production line


The operator has a fundamental understanding of the structure, working principle, operation procedure adjustment method of the equipment. Turn on the power before operation, wrap the consumption line preheat it for a few minutes, adjust the length of the adhesive tape at the same time. Of course, listen to the unusual signs such as no noise smoke inside the machine, pack it according to the thickness of the color box instruction manual the number of bundles required by customers. After defining the number of packages, wrap the production line with wrapping paper. Bluing steel strip

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So, how to operate the production line of PET sheet iron packing belt? Many people always think that the market price of selling pet sheet metal packing belt is relatively high, many people are close to the misunderstanding of environmental protection sheet metal packing belt. According to the general situation in the market, the price of pure iron strapping is 1.3 to 2 times that of popular triangle iron strapping (environmental recycling iron strapping), but it's also a ton of Gongyi iron strapping. The export rate of Gongyi iron strapping, that is, the length of actual iron strapping, is triangle belt environmental recycling belt It's 2.5 times as big as the metal strapping.


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