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Plastic steel packing buckle

Plastic steel packing buckle

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  • Date of issue:2021-04-02
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Steel fiber is usually used in combination with concrete. Steel fiber is a kind of fiber whose diameter ratio (the ratio of fiber length to diameter, when the fiber section is non-circular, the diameter of equivalent section circle area) is 40-80, which is produced by cutting thin steel wire, shearing cold rolled strip, milling ingot rapid condensation of molten steel. Low carbon steel fiber can be used for steel fiber reinforced concrete at room temperature, while stainless steel fiber must be used for fire-resistant steel fiber reinforced concrete. Adding proper amount of steel fiber into mortar concrete can improve its tensile strength, bending strength, toughness impact strength. Adding concrete can greatly improve the strength of concrete make it have strong crack resistance. Once cracks appear on the surface inside of concrete, steel fiber can control such cracks within a certain range, prevent crack expansion improve the impact strength of the project. Bluing steel strip


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