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Plastic belt

Plastic belt

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  • Date of issue:2021-04-02
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In today's world, steel fiber plays an increasingly important role in urban construction because of its strong crack resistance, good impact resistance, high wear resistance, good compatibility with cement, high component strength long service life. The economic growth of our country makes the burden of road more more heavy. In this way, the performance requirements of high-grade highway pavement are higher higher. If we do pursue progress meet the needs of the market with the change of market demand, society will eliminate anything. The fiber volume ratio of steel fiber is very sensitive to the frost resistance of fiber reinforced concrete, its influence degree is related to the strength of concrete matrix water cement ratio. Therefore, it is widely used in water conservancy projects, its frost resistance is also an important performance. In the case of reinforced concrete, due to the corrosion expansion of steel, the concrete will fall off. Bluing steel strip


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