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Control factors of reinforcing steel fiber effect


According to various theories of steel fiber reinforcement mechanism, such as fiber spacing theory, composite material theory micro fracture theory, we can determine that the reinforcement effect of steel fiber mainly depends on the matrix strength (FM), the manufacturer of galvanized steel strip, the aspect ratio of fiber The ratio of steel fiber length L to diameter D, i.e. I / D), volume ratio of steel fiber (volume percentage of steel fiber in steel fiber reinforced concrete), bond strength between fiber matrix (τ), distribution orientation of steel fiber in matrix (η) are discussed. When the steel fiber reinforced concrete is damaged, most of the fibers are pulled out rather than broken. Therefore, improving the bond strength between the fiber the matrix is one of the main controlling factors to improve the steel fiber reinforcement effect. The tensile strength of the glued steel fibers produced by our company is more than 1100mpa,

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