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The bad viscosity of packing steel belt may be caused by these reasons!


In the recent use of packaging steel belt for packaging, we found such a small problem, steel belt manufacturers, that is, when we use the packaging steel belt is adhesive, which affects the packaging compliance, so the mobile website construction, why the packaging steel belt will appear this phenomenon, is there any good solution, today's packaging steel belt manufacturers will explain for you Let's look at the causes of this phenomenon the solutions.

As usual, there are several reasons:

1. It may be caused by the replacement of the packing steel belt recently. If the thickness of the packing steel belt you originally used is thicker, it will be slightly thinner. When you use it, the ironing head of the semi-active packer can be completely in place, which will cause the phenomenon that the viscosity of the packing steel belt is enough.

If is this kind of sign causes, our solution is very simple, only needs to readjust one, the perm position may.

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2. It may be that there is a problem in the temperature adjustment of the ironing head. If our packer is used for a long time, there will be residue of the packing steel strip on the ironing head, which may affect the temperature of the ironing head. If the temperature is enough, the viscosity of the packing steel strip will be enough. The solution to these problems is to clean up the residue on the ironing head first, then adjust the temperature of the ironing head a little higher.

3. It may also be related to the material of the packing steel strip. There are more ingredients in the raw materials of your batch of packing steel strip. The important component of the packing steel strip in the market today is polypropylene, commonly known as PP. The PP content of better packaging steel strip should be more than 95%. Other ingredients are more complex, such as calcium carbonate, talc, wollastonite, glass fiber other inorganic fillers. If more ingredients, hot melt viscosity is poor, the solution is to consult the manufacturer, let him provide the ratio parameters.


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