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Plastic steel packing buckle

Plastic steel packing buckle

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Whether it is small cracks in concrete large cracks on the outside, steel fiber can play a very good barrier role, the role is very obvious. These cracks are easy to shrink due to the role of steel fiber, but without steel fiber, these small cracks may become a potential threat to concrete. Steel belt manufacturer

In addition, some small projects in the basement also consider moisture-proof waterproof, because the underground moisture will erode the concrete steel fiber, which only needs to improve the steel fiber, coat the steel fiber surface, increase its anti-corrosion performance, but also adds waterproof materials to the concrete, so that the concrete can be better used. In engineering, steel fiber is an independent product, it is used with the use of concrete, so in the manufacture of concrete, we must always consider whether it can be fully combined with concrete, whether it can get the performance of concrete.


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