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Iron corner guard

Iron corner guard

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  • Date of issue:2021-04-02
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Strengthen the control of raw material mixing process. In order to make the steel fiber evenly dispersed in mortar concrete increase the length diameter ratio of the fiber, the steel fiber bonded by water-soluble adhesive can be used to form a bundle. Steel fiber can be made by cutting cold drawn steel wire, cutting thin steel plate, milling steel block ingot, drawing molten steel. Steel fiber is a kind of fiber whose diameter ratio (the ratio of fiber length to diameter, when the fiber section is non-circular, the diameter of equivalent section circle area) is 40-80, which is produced by cutting thin steel wire, shearing cold rolled strip, milling ingot rapid condensation of molten steel. The mixture should be uniform to reduce the segregation of materials (the stacking height of raw materials in the mixing plant should be controlled below 4m to reduce the segregation of raw materials, excavators are often used for mixing). The delay time the mixing of water to the end of rolling should be minimized to ensure that the rolling is completed within the initial setting time of cement. Full attention should be paid to the selection of raw materials mix design. This includes the amount gradation of cement, the selection of cement varieties, the control of clay content in aggregate (the smaller the clay content in aggregate, the smaller the gravel particle size is, the liquid limit plasticity index test must be carried out, the liquid limit is less than 28%, the plasticity index is less than 9), the control of bone content in fine aggregate, the corresponding mix proportion shall be determined according to the local material conditions. Steel belt manufacturer


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