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Plastic belt

Plastic belt

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  • Date of issue:2021-04-02
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Steel fiber shotcrete forms fast useful support along the appearance of surrounding rock, the rock has good adhesion, which simplifies the construction progress, simplifies the construction process, speeds up the construction progress. In order to make the steel fiber evenly dispersed in mortar concrete increase the length diameter ratio of the fiber, the steel fiber bonded by water-soluble adhesive can be used to form a bundle. Steel fiber can be made by cutting cold drawn steel wire, cutting thin steel plate, milling steel block ingot, drawing molten steel. The properties of steel fiber produced by different manufacturing methods of steel fiber manufacturers are also different. Although steel fiber came out soon, it has been used more more widely. Steel fiber products are one of the indispensable raw materials of modern materials. Fiber has many advantages, so fiber is very popular. Fiber is very important in concrete materials. If there is no steel fiber, then concrete can have such high strength. Although people say that our steel fiber products are very good, fiber is in use, it is suitable for the living environment of fiber. If the fluidity of steel fiber does meet the requirements during construction, it can be well adjusted. Bluing steel strip


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