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Roasted blue steel strip

Roasted blue steel strip

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Plastic sheet metal packing belt can be used frequently in use, but it reflects that customers may have cracks in the sheet metal packing belt. The products of Gongyi sheet metal packing belt manufacturer may have cracks after long-time use, which affects the packaging stability of the belt. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the causes of cracks deal with them in time. Steel belt manufacturer

Usually, the excessive use of iron sheet packaging with cracks, there are problems in poor heat fusion quality, it is necessary to solve the problem of incomplete fusion. Usually, press the check valve to release the tension of the adhesive tape, connect the air conditioner the exhaust valve with the operation of the gripper, open the check valve to ensure the packaging quality of the adhesive tape, keep 3 seconds to stop the melting to make the fusion better. Therefore, accurate operation can improve the bonding result of iron packaging belt, wholesalers also have strict requirements. As long as accurate operation network marketing promotion are done during the bonding of packaging belt, it will hardly break.

According to the above instructions, we can analyze the cause next time we find this situation. We hope to help you welcome the majority of users to purchase.


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