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Blue strip

Blue strip

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  • Date of issue:2021-04-02
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Why choose transparent products? Transparent packing steel strip, with good resilience water resistance, can be used for both technical bundling machine bundling. raw materials, product quality, production power cost, transparent packing steel strip is far better than ordinary fully active packing steel strip. Due to the advanced manufacturing technology, the tension is stronger the skewness is smaller, the transparent packing steel strip is rolled as a whole Baotou steel belt, will form waste, will affect the packing speed. Transparent belt has a certain flexibility, in the use of time will damage the product network marketing, will be broken because of shaking. The transparency of transparent packaging steel strip is high, the basic information of the product will be blocked after packaging, which can make everyone fully understand the product. The use of transparent packaging steel belt can reduce the damage rate of the packer, then improve the operation power, reduce the cost of repairing the packer. Compared with the normal fully active packaging steel strip, the transparent packaging steel strip has a more advanced manufacturing process. After being discarded, it can be recycled for secondary use, without resource waste. Bluing steel strip


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