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How to choose steel fiber raw materials


The selection of steel fiber raw materials. Steel fiber varieties are mainly divided into four categories: steel fiber, shear fiber, melt drawn fiber, milling fiber. The selection of appropriate steel fiber varieties is of great significance to the success of the test. Steel belt manufacturers, because when the steel fiber concrete is damaged, most of the fibers are pulled out rather than broken, therefore, the steel fiber reinforced concrete is widely used, Improving the bond strength between fiber matrix is one of the main controlling factors to improve the effect of fiber reinforcement.

There are three ways to make steel fiber

1. Increase the bond length of the fiber (i.e. length diameter ratio), but the fiber is too long easy to pilling, which affects the workability construction, is too thin easy to bend. The length diameter ratio should be between 40-100

2. Improve the adhesion of the matrix to the steel fiber

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3. Improve the fiber shape increase the friction bite force between the fiber the matrix. According to the above three methods, we make a list comparison of the four kinds of fibers. It can be seen the table that the milling fiber has better comprehensive properties. It is a kind of steel fiber which was successfully developed in the 1980s is developing rapidly at present. It can reduce the amount of steel fiber, prevent balling, is easy to construct, We chose Harris to mill the fibers.

With 45kg steel fiber per cubic meter of concrete, the cohesiveness is good, but due to the large amount of steel fiber, the fluidity of concrete is poor, the construction performance is difficult to guarantee. With 40kg steel fiber per cubic meter of concrete, the workability of concrete is good, the fluidity is greatly improved, which can meet the construction requirements. With 35kg steel fiber per cubic meter of concrete, the workability of concrete is good, the fluidity is good, but the water consumption can be adjusted appropriately, It can be seen that the content of steel fiber changes synchronously with the flexural strength of the specimen. The content of 35kg 40kg per cubic meter of concrete can meet the mix proportion design requirements, the construction performance is better. If the early strength requirements are higher, 45kg can be considered. WL-1 admixture can adapt to this mix proportion. The slump of concrete is inversely proportional to the content of steel fiber, In order to ensure that the concrete has good fluidity does damage the flexural performance, the sand ratio should be between 38% 40%. Therefore, the benchmark mix proportion is established as follows: unit: kggmc: 339 SF: 35 ~ 45, WL-1 is used as additive, the water consumption should be adjusted according to the steel fiber content


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